We provide philanthropy advising and strategic support to clients interested in sustaining their family legacy.  Our philanthropy advising work comes from a deep desire to help individuals and businesses leverage their passions and use them to develop a strategy for their charitable giving.  Our work with families is based on the notion that the best way to sustain the family legacy is by focusing on family culture and values and establishing systems and processes that nurture and reinforce them over time.

Philanthropy Advising

We work with individuals, families and businesses to support their charitable giving.  Our goal is to get the greatest return on your charitable giving.

What does “return on giving” mean?

  1. Impact – Have confidence that your donations are making the greatest impact in causes you care about
  2. Strategy – We work with you to create a plan so that you are in control of your giving. Not the other way around.
  3. Efficiency – We ensure that your giving provides the most leverage from a tax standpoint, using a process that makes decisions easy.

The results of our work range from establishing a plan that enables you to feel like you are in control of your giving (rather than the other way around) to ensuring your gifts create the greatest impact in areas you care about.

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Beyond Philanthropy

In addition to supporting our clients’ charitable giving, a rapidly growing area is with families who recognize that the best way to sustain their legacy into the future is by nurturing their family culture and the individuals within the family.  Individuals and families often need guidance and resources throughout their lives to support educational, professional, emotional and relational development.  We call this “Beyond Philanthropy”.  Click here to learn more about what this means.


We do not manage or provide advice on financial assets.  We focus on the non-monetary aspects of the family and its members.