For many people, talking about money with family is difficult. The topics may be straightforward, but there is rarely a sense of urgency to making the conversations happen. So the are easy to put off. And too frequently they never happen. The irony is that avoiding these discussions frequently triggers results that most people are desperate to avoid. At Forbes Legacy Advisors, we help you align your values and priorities with how you use your money. And we help guide conversations with your family about money. Doing this makes the conversations easier, the outcome better, and it reduces stress for everyone – all while preparing family members for their future.

Our core services include the following:

  1. Family Meeting Facilitation
  2. Generational Transition Planning
  3. Group Decision Making
  4. Shared Family Land Ownership Transitions
  5. Philanthropy Advising
  6. Family Business Transitions and Decision-Making
  7. Family Legacy and Culture Clarification
  8. Estate Planning Pre-work

Our approach begins with curiosity and ends with clarity.  We ask questions so we can understand you and your family members.  We listen with empathy and a lack of judgement.  This enables us to build trust quickly and understand your family landscape. Let us help you prepare your family so they can focus on charting a fulfilling and productive life.

We do not manage, provide advice on or steward financial assets.