Corporate giving is an extension of your brand.  It’s a way to bring your values and beliefs to life while also building your brand.  We will help you clarify what you care about and establish a process for making funding decisions and communicating the impact of your giving.

Establishing a strong corporate giving platform is not only the right thing to do, it’s the SMART thing to do.  It will have implications for sales, employee recruitment and retention, partnership development, corporate reputation, and client perception.  All these elements contribute to your brand and have broad-reaching impact on the value of the business.

We will help you establish a clear giving platform by understanding what you care about, what business you’re in and the communities you serve.  We find common themes and weave them together into an overall strategy that supports your business.  We then help you tell the story of your giving and the impact you create.  Our goal is to increase the value of your business while also maximizing the return of your giving.

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