Nurture Your Family Culture

As we all weather the Covid-19 storm together (but separately), it occurs to me that something I wrote a couple years ago may be useful to re-visit.  We have all been forced into different schedules, with most of that time in close quarters with family members. 

You’ve all seen the various memes and amusing clips in circulation on social media about how to handle the isolation.  They are useful distractions from the challenges that come with the unknowns we all face right now.  Venturing down these rabbit holes may not make you feel productive at the end of the day, but at least they will put a smile on your face and maybe even make you laugh.  We all need that.

Given that time is something we typically have very little of, during this forced pause, it is a perfect moment to consider your family culture.  Regardless of your age, the size of your family, and the financial wealth at your discretion, it’s relevant to think about your core values; understand where they overlap and are differ with other family members; talk about activities that you do that can reinforce them – and identify those in conflict. Maybe you decide to turn this topic into a regular weekly conversation around the dinner table.

To help you think about this, click on this link to read a piece I co-wrote and shared with the National Center for Family Philanthropy (NCFP) with a colleague and friend, Kelly Nowlin. She is a Trustee of the Surdna Foundation.  In it, we each take some of our personal family experiences and use them to demonstrate and reinforce the practice of nurturing family culture. 

I wish you all health and safety in these unsettling times.  We will get through them.  In the meantime, all the best and happy reading!          

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