Celebrating 5 Years

We are proud to celebrate 5 years as Forbes Legacy Advisors. And what better way to celebrate than to be featured in Lifestyles Magazine’s recent issue in an article titled “Major Impact on Foundations and Leading Family Offices”? What was perhaps as exciting as being featured in the magazine was being positioned across the page from the Rockefeller Global Family Office, which is one of the oldest family offices in the United States and today serves families beyond the Rockefeller lineage.

At Forbes Legacy Advisors, our work continues to evolve with the needs of families across the world by aligning their financial assets with their human assets. This includes preparing families for estate planning, transferring ownership of family land, supporting philanthropy, establishing and refining governance practices and more.

We take great pride in our work. For us, there is nothing more gratifying than happy clients, referrals and recognition of our work from other professionals. For those reading this who have helped us reach this milestone, many thanks. And to those who we have not yet had the pleasure to support, please keep us in mind. We’re already looking forward to celebrating our 10th year!

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