We provide strategic oversight and support for the most valuable assets in your portfolio: the individuals.

You have wealth managers investing your portfolio, insurance executives protecting you and your assets, accountants to keep your books in order, trust and estate attorneys protecting assets and helping reduce the tax implications of your estate on your heirs.  Have you ever wondered why the majority of professional attention is given to the protection and care of your financial assets while those with the greatest personal value to you (the individuals) do not receive the same external, professional management?  We believe this dynamic is the primary reason families rarely maintain their wealth beyond three generations.

Our work requires building close relationships with our clients and their families.  The depth of our client relationships also enables us to look for ways to help our clients in ways that go well beyond philanthropy.  Our family strategy services enable us to work in tandem with family offices and other professional advisor relationships to ensure the HUMAN assets of the family receive the focus they require.   Some of these areas include:

  • Family Business Strategy and Succession Planning
  • Family Mission Development
  • Family Governance
  • Generational Transition Planning
  • Next Generation Engagement
  • Family Meeting Facilitation
  • Family Philanthropy Strategy and Support
  • Educational consulting (secondary and higher education)
  • Professional / Continuing Education
  • Parenting Education

The unique relationship we have with our clients enables us to identify ways to support them personally and professionally.  This comprehensive approach sets us apart from our peers because we are looking well beyond immediate needs and can anticipate how to help our clients and their families flourish for generations to come.


There are three phases to our work with families. (click on the links below to go to those sections)

  1. Assessment
  2. Action Plan Development
  3. Plan Implementation


The first phase of our work is the Assessment phase. This is important first step because it enables us to understand you and your family. We learn about the things you value and what motivates you. We also meet those you want to include from your family. The following are important outcomes from the first phase:

  • Educate All members of Family on Benefits, Process, and Success Factors
  • Identify Scope of Work
  • Assess Fit
  • Provide Findings and Recommendations

Action Plan Development

The second phase of our work is developing the Action Plans. These plans include a combination of group work with family members (identifying shared values, solidifying the governance structure and establishing expectations for participation on the process) and individual work to establish plans for each individual. Outcomes from the Action Plan Development phase include:

  • Identify Family and Individual Goals
  • Identify Resources to Support Goals
  • Establish process for creating governance and other “tribal” details
  • Create specific plans to support each individual in the family

Action Plan Implementation

With family members engaged, a clear mission and values for the family embraced, the culture more intentional and transparent, and the governance practices identified, the next step is to put into action the plans we created for the family and each individual. During this phase, we reinforce the culture through family meetings and shared family experiences. We also focus on the individual plans. Specific outcomes from our ongoing support include the following:

  • Reinforcing values and culture through governance practices and shared experiences
  • Putting individual plans into action, modifying as necessary
  • Providing ongoing family strategy
  • Reinforcing new practices and identify additional opportunities