It is rare for family wealth to survive beyond three generations.  And it’s not because of poor financial asset management.  Rather it’s because the culture and values of the individuals in the family change over time.  This ultimately translates into a breakdown of communication and trust.  We work with clients to enhance communication and build trust among all generations of the family.

Involving you in this process helps you build stronger relationships with your clients and their immediate family members, enhancing their loyalty and securing business with the next generation.  We do this by working closely with you to understand their unique needs and then create plans that are tailored to each client.  We do not manage, provide advice on or steward financial assets.  

We integrate the knowledge and expertise you and other professional advisors have to put the necessary structures in place to realize your clients’ philanthropic vision and make a real and lasting impact in the areas of greatest personal importance to them.

For more concrete examples of the work we do with clients, click here to check out our case studies.

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