Our goal is to help you build stronger relationships with your clients and their family members.  We do this by understanding their values, what they care about and what their passions are. We get to know the whole family. And we share with you what we learn. This enables you to meet their needs more effectively while also extending your relationships across the family.

When you make your clients happy and have authentic relationships with their children, you are more likely to retain those relationships over time and strengthen your business along the way.

There are three primary ways we work with advisors:

  • Direct Service to Clients
    • Preparation for Estate Planning
    • Philanthropic Strategy and Education
    • Next Gen Education and Engagement
    • Family Enterprise Transitions
    • Family Governance Development
    • Shared Family Land Transitions
  • Content for Newsletters – Adding Value to Your Client Relationships
    • Estate Planning Considerations
    • Beneficiary Education
    • Philanthropy Education and Insight
    • Family Legacy Perspective
    • Family Culture Support
  • Training your Advisor Team – Relationship-Enhancing Tools
    • The Philanthropic Conversation
    • Human Capital – Beyond The Money
    • Next Gen Engagement

We recognize how critical your client relationships are to you, and we work tirelessly to collaborate and communicate with you about our work with your clients.

We love making you look good.

We do not manage, provide advice on or steward financial assets.  

Send us an email or call us at 603-315-0576 to discuss how we can help your clients have critical conversations with their family about their wealth and their future.

For more concrete examples of the work we do with clients, click here to check out our case studies.