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Opus partner, Jamie Forbes, recently participated in “Th!nk Forum” series hosted by Ballentine Partners at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston.  The discussion centered around teaching philanthropy to the next generation.  As is often the case, these stories begin with personal discoveries that lead to something even  more significant.  Jamie’s story (minutes 33 through 40 in the video) outlines his experience of family philanthropy informed by his upbringing and raising his own family.

The video (viewed by clicking the image above) captures the entire event, which has three sections.

Section 1 (the first 14 minutes of the video) features Danielle Oristian York, Director at 21/64, an organization that is one of the leaders in engaging the next generation in philanthropy.  Danielle walks the audience through an exercise that provides generational context, outlining how each generation has its own perspective and mindset.

Section 2 (minutes 14 through 32 of the video) includes Danielle and Alex Saunders of the Saunders Hotel Group, who discusses his upbringing, family vales and how they both translate into work and philanthropy.

Section 3 (beginning at 33 minutes) features Ballentine Chief Wealth Advisory Officer, Covie Edwards-Pitt, moderating a discussion with Jamie and fellow panelists, Nini Meyer of Positive Tracks and Alex Saunders.

Philanthropy is a very effective way to connect different generations, learn about what family members care about and pass along family values.   These are just some of those stories.


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