Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve

New York City in July: not the top of my list.  But the invitation to be a panelist at the Nexus

Love Feeds Families
Love Feeds Families

Youth Summit (#WeAreNexus) was compelling.   The topic of the session, “Finding Your Voice in Philanthropy,” is a conversation that gets me fired up.  And thankfully the weather was mild and dry.

It was a fantastic conference, attended by people from around the world who are focused on making an impact.  Some are funders.  Others are running NGOs.  And one of the attendees was @DearWorld.   They travel around the world, capturing people with words and phrases that inspire them.  The photographs in their portfolio are powerful and beautiful.

Not one to be left out, I joined in on the fun.  This thought came to me as I reflected on the work I do and the value that I place on my family and creating healthy relationships.

What inspires you?

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